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About us

Spinoff Bulgaria is the largest initiative dedicated to technology transfer, science-based  innovation and spinoff investments in Bulgaria and the region. The two-days format includes a wide range of  keynotes, panel discussions, workshops and roundtables and offers opportunities for networking,  matchmaking and the exchange of best practices.

The target group are scientists, universities and TTOs as well as investors, representatives of national  ministries and European organizations, experts, students, innovators and representatives of  corporations and business.

In addition to the exchange of insights and know-how and awareness-raising for topics related to technology  transfer, the declared goal of the spinoff initiative is to launch and initiate international cooperation projects  and spinoff foundations. By 2030, we aim to have helped 100 spinoff companies get founded, gain  investments and grow commercially.

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International Speakers







Founders / Organisers


  • Keynote speeches by leading experts in the field of technology transfer and entrepreneurship
  • Panel discussions on the latest trends and challenges in spinning off technology from research institutions and universities
  • Workshops and tutorials on the process of starting and growing a successful spinoff company
  • Presentations showcasing successful spinoff companies and TTOs
  • Networking events and opportunities for attendees to connect with other entrepreneurs, investors, and industry professionals in the field
  • Pitch sessions for startups and researchers to present their technology and business plans to potential investors and partners
  • Roundtable discussions on the role of government, academia, and industry in fostering a successful spinoff ecosystem