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- Campaign period: 10 January 2023 - 10 June 2023

- Meeting of the jury and selection of winners: June 11 - June 21

- The official announcement of winners: June 22, 2023, during the Spinoff Bulgaria conference!


- Corporate spinoff

- University spinoff

- Academy spinoff

- Government spinoff

Only projects that have successfully passed at least the second stage of technological readiness according to the internationally accepted scale for evaluating the maturity of a newly created technology (Technology Readiness Levels) will be evaluated, and work has begun on the third stage - proof of concept in the experimental environment.

Innovation Areas: Applicant need to propose activities in biotechnology, health, food tech, semiconductors/chips, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and VR&AR.

Evaluation criteria:

- Skills of the team, knowledge of the sector, the feasibility of the project;

- The development stage of the product/service;

- Degree of innovation and its defensibility;

- Positioning concerning competitors;

- Consistency with the market and customers’ needs and potential outreach;

- The business potential of the idea;

- Completeness of the documentation presented.

The expected results of the project need to be clear, measurable, realistic, bound to a specific period and be a logical consequence of the planned activities.

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